Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

I had hoped to update daily but work gets in the way.

I didn’t do anything creative and in fact pottered around a lot at work for three days. Some things needed to be sorted and sifted, and a room repurposed so I helped with that. I got to know the location of the Confidential Waste cupboard quite well and can now get there with my eyes closed.

That’s all there is to say about that really! It’s hard to believe that three days amount to just this, but I guess some days are just like that.


Handmade Monday


Gorgeous jelly rolls for turning into quilts! The plan for these is the 1600 quilt.


More sewing on the Papillon Quilt, strips 2 and 3 now pieced. Two left to do then I need to put those together to complete the quilt top!


Pieces of gorgeous Vintage Modern for Block 3 – Weather Vane. To be sewn in the near future!

More Papillon!


I did some sewing! After the first strip on the quilt went a bit wrong, I decided to be more methodical in my approach. I pieced all the squares into three block pieces with sashing, then I pieces all the bigger chunks to make the next part.

That took enough time and then I had to iron them open. I have to say, I’m pleased with how it is turning out. I just hope I can get it done in time!

Work & Play

I had to work this morning. It was a decent shift with none of the shenanigans of last week. I met some more new mummies and said good luck to them hours later. One thing after the next and before I knew it, it was time to head home!

Mum was waiting for me at the hospital entrance and she took me back to hers. We were having a family BBQ so I gave her a hand, wrote my next lot of shifts on her calendar and waited for the rest of the rabble to return from the beach.

My boy and hubby turned up first so it was straight into the bath for the littlie. When my step-brother arrived, he brought his gorgeous children with him! The littlie is a few months younger than mine and the baby is two months old. Such a cutie! And I even got to cuddle him! I confess to brooding a bit, but it was short-lived. My two are starting new schools next year, it’ll be nice just to continue growing with them instead of starting again with nappies, sleepless nights and spit down my shoulder.

I did love seeing them though and my kids enjoyed the visit too.

I didn’t manage any sewing today, but I’ve hardly been home to do any. Maybe tomorrow will see the machine run for a bit.

Papillon Quilt

Before going to pick my girlie up from school, I took a little time this afternoon to cut the sashing pieces for the Papillon Quilt. It was much quicker and easier than I had first imagined and was really dreading it until I had a brain wave.

So sashing pieces cut and labelled, I waited until we’d been to pick hubby up from work before I set to piecing part of the quilt.

In my eagerness to begin, I missed a strip of three squares and didn’t notice until it was too late. Oh well, I balanced out the rather large strip and set it aside for the evening.

Once the kids were in bed, I sat back down with my pen and graph paper to redesign the quilt. It’s going to be smaller than the original plan but that suits me quite nicely! It’ll make backing it so much easier!

This post, as with all my posts, is somewhat disjointed. I have to try and get my thoughts down as quickly as I can in the five minutes I have for a quick update! One day I’ll have a little more time and surprise you with a less bitty post!

New Cards

The kids went back to school today. My big girl was up early and got ready without a fuss and my little boy was so excited he was ready to go before he was even out of his pyjamas! Anyway, off they went to school without too much trouble.

While they are at school and I am not working a shift at the hospital, I would love for this little dream to grow wings and take flight… somewhere on Facebook, someone shared a link for freebie cards so I thought I’d take the plunge and have some made. It took me ages to settle on a name and in the end I opted for ‘Bee & Pip’.


They arrived! Even the boxes they come in are cute.


‘Handmade’ cards in five different colours… a promotion with PayPal – 50 free cards with the logo on them. As I have a PayPal account, I can make this work.


I had some ‘Thank you’ and ‘Pass it on’ minicards made too. They’ll go with the main card in the packaging.


Both cards with details… I am hoping to put items on here as I make them, I just need to get my tail into gear!

No creativity today!

Today was a day filled with running around for last minute school supplies. Thankfully, most of Bee’s uniform was bought at the beginning of the Summer break so we just needed to find a bag she liked.

Now, this might sound like a simple task, but I soon discovered how close to impossible a task this truly was! After spending the entire summer looking out for a bag, we finally stumbled upon one quite by accident and life was gooooood! Both Bee and Pip found new lunch boxes so they were happy little bunnies.

I didn’t manage to make anything today, but I have more plans running around my head, including a couple of 1600 quilts. I’m so excited!