New Cards

The kids went back to school today. My big girl was up early and got ready without a fuss and my little boy was so excited he was ready to go before he was even out of his pyjamas! Anyway, off they went to school without too much trouble.

While they are at school and I am not working a shift at the hospital, I would love for this little dream to grow wings and take flight… somewhere on Facebook, someone shared a link for freebie cards so I thought I’d take the plunge and have some made. It took me ages to settle on a name and in the end I opted for ‘Bee & Pip’.


They arrived! Even the boxes they come in are cute.


‘Handmade’ cards in five different colours… a promotion with PayPal – 50 free cards with the logo on them. As I have a PayPal account, I can make this work.


I had some ‘Thank you’ and ‘Pass it on’ minicards made too. They’ll go with the main card in the packaging.


Both cards with details… I am hoping to put items on here as I make them, I just need to get my tail into gear!


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