Gratitude Journey and Handmade Monday

I have decided to tag along on a Gratitude Journey. Yesterday’s prompt is:

Three things in my day that are BEAUTIFUL…
* my daughter
* my son
* my husband

Yesterday, Sunday 14th October 2012, we spent the day doing what we enjoy. My daughter had her pyjama day (much to my disappointment!), I picked up supplies for next month’s big step and we all enjoyed the sunshine at the park (once girlie got dressed).

I know that people are not ‘things’, but these people are my life.


Today’s prompt is:

Who makes US happy?

Well, the simple things like cuddles and listening to my children laugh make me happy, and my husband makes me smile just by being him. Spending mornings with my mum and visits from my siblings keep me sane. So, family family family… I don’t know what I would do, where I’d be, without them.

My sewing attempts today have not quite worked out as I had hoped but I’ve made a start. I’ll be trying again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get more done.

I have a list of things I need to make in the next four weeks and it’s as long as my arm! I’m starting to panic that nothing will be ready. I don’t like pressure, I really don’t. Tomorrow is another day, let’s see how that pans out.

For Handmade Monday, this is what I made… it went a little wrong but my phone fits into it quite nicely!


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