And Breathe…

Well, that was an experience. I’m not quite sure yet what I have taken away from it, but I am certain it will come to me as I lie sleepless in my bed tonight.

Cape Ann came home with me, as did the bags and bunting. I’ll be taking photos of them individually tomorrow and posting them here and on Facebook. It also means I finally have stuff to put on Etsy! I’ll post the link once I’ve opened the store.

My darling mum and sister both spent the evening with me, and my husband and littlie popped in to say hello.

All in all, for a debut, I think it went rather well. Perhaps I’ll venture out again… we shall see! I’ll be thinking on that tonight too.




Sew sew sew…

Five hours of sewing today and more to come tomorrow. Some bits weren’t quite ready yesterday so I needed to get those done tonight so I can finish things off in the morning while my boy is at school.

Here is a picture of one of the bags I have made and shots of the material I’ve been playing with today.





Supplies and progress

I finally managed to pick up some more interfacing! With so little time left before Friday, I had to get a wiggle on with preparations. It took a good 4-5 hours of drawing, cutting and ironing but now I have pieces to take to Mum’s tomorrow to sew.

During that time, I watched Warhorse and Breaking Dawn Part 1. I quite like having a film running while I work, especially one I’ve seen before, that way I don’t spend too long watching it and know when to look up for the bits I like!

I’m looking forward to a day of sewing tomorrow.

It has grown!

Almost 18 months ago, a colleague where I used to work gave me a little baby aloe vera plant. Hers was producing lots of little babies so had several to give away.

I was a little nervous about having one as I do not have the best track record with plants.


This is what it was when it came into my care. The little shoots on the outside slowly, one by one, turned black and squishy, then… fell off. I was so sad! I thought the poor plant had had it. It had only been with me for a couple of weeks!

I had a chat with my dear friend and she asked me about watering. Yes, of course I watered it. No, no more than once a week. I mentioned it to my husband too… and it transpired that he was watering it too! So we put an end to that. From then on, only I would water it, no matter how dry it looked.

Now, after all this time, I don’t think it’s as big as it should be but I suspect that has more to do with the pot. It needs a bigger space for its roots to grow. I think it may even have a baby of its own now!