I’m back…

A quarter of a year has been and gone since my New Year’s post, and a lot has happened, with not enough crafting to show for it.

My work and home lives have been keeping me busy. At work, I am on secondment indefinitely and no one has any news of my return to my usual ward, making childcare arrangements very difficult. At home, my daughter has been having a tough time at school, with me spending more time talking to her teachers in one week than I have done in five years. The bow on top of the package: we all had flu during my week off work.

That’s pretty much all that has happened since January.

Now to add a little cheer and colour to the last three months. My darling sister is having a baby in July, and as a very excited aunty-to-be, I have begun pulling together what I hope will be a lovely present for the Deakins. I have already given them the boy and girl outfits (we don’t know what they’re having) but I’m holding on to the rest until the crafty bits are complete. Pictures and details will follow at a later date.

My daughter wants to start a 365 Project and I am inspired to join her. I haven’t got a theme yet but it is going to be sewn… Sewn 365!

So, today I managed to whip up a little purse in between my daughter hogging the sewing machine. It was a quickie and I can’t say I was incredibly accurate with my cutting. It serves its purpose beautifully and I
love it.

I love Vintage Modern!

I also managed to finish ironing open the Kili Quilt half-square triangles, lay them out in their positions and hopefully pull them back together in a way that will keep them in the right position as I sew them all together. My darling husband was a huge help with laying them out all over the living room floor. I started to get quite confused!



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