First of December

As ever, it has been much too long between posts. The stresses of juggling work, home, coursework and life got the better of me for a while. Hopefully I’m on the road back to sanity and things will be a little bit smoother.

Since April, I have finished the Kili quilt and posted it to my dear friend who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in October. I have a couple of photographs but sadly, none of the finished quilt. Since then, I have also made a baby quilt for my darling sister who brought my gorgeous niece into the world in July, and one for my cousin, who also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month.

I started a new job three weeks ago with no more nights and no more uncertainty. Whatever happens with the Trust, I will always have a job locally. The best bit about it though, is that I love what I’m doing. Yes, I have bad days, and yes, I get scared sometimes, but I love that I am using the skill I was trained to use six years ago. As with all else, it has taken me far too long to return.

So, with that brief update, I am once again making a long overdue return…

As the kids open the first doors of their advent calendars, I feel the need for something fun to do, and something fun I have found!

First up we have the Quilt Barn Advent Calendar found here on the Lily’s Quilts blog. It is fun and simple to make, both Bee and I made one each. Here’s mine:


I have made them out of light card and really hope they survive being packed away after Christmas. I absolutely love these and look forward to making the rest of them.

The other fun thing I found was the Catvent Quilt Along, found here on Elizabeth Hartman’s blog, Oh, Fransson! Again, another advent project, the are 25 cats to be made, each will be posted on the blog daily or, for those who like to skip ahead, the full pattern is available to buy with a 30% discount, valid for the next few days.

Here is my version of Ferdinand, the first cat. My lines are a little wonky but it’s all part of learning and growing, right?


Now, I really must get myself to bed. I’ve got to be on a bus at 7 in the morning! ZzzZzzZzz…..