What I’ve got going on at the moment…

I made a bag!! Noodlehead’s 241 Tote is an absolute delight to make. I like to see things come together and this bag does that in a day.


I’ve finally started putting my red and white hexies together. I need to finish it off with a white hexie border.


Playing with diamonds for a diamond EPP piece – I only have a vague plan for these. I know, I should have more of a plan, that way I’d know what I have going on in the way of fabric requirements!


I love this so much! It’s what has inspired me to play with EPP diamonds on a larger scale. The only fat quarter of Tula Pink fabric I managed to get my paws on, and that was before I understood just how awesome Tula Pink is! (Yes, that most certainly is Loki…)


The beginnings of the diamond piece, purple and orange make me happy!


I managed to nab a Good Fortune layer cake in the Great UK Destash so it is going into the diamond stars. I had fun cutting all these diamonds!


I’ve got a lot of craft going on, but no unit/study deadlines so I don’t mind. When I started my new job, I had to give up the course as it isn’t supported where I am now and it has had the best outcome for my sanity. Let’s have a lot more HAPPY!!

H x


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