School Holidays

Ah, school holidays…! Always fun until the kids start to argue.

We managed to get to the cinema a couple of times. Lego Movie and Mr. Peabody and Sherman are both good fun. The boy loves Lego Movie and can’t stop singing, “everything is awesome!” The girl really dislikes the song, and me, I preferred Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

I tried to get some sewing done last week and, distracted by arguing children, I managed to catch my finger on my lovely new rotary cutter. Argh. I can’t even think about it without feeling all wibbly! But it’s fine, I’ve done worse on the serrated, cutting edge of a cling film box! Nevertheless, I put the lot away and didn’t get anything done.

Until yesterday.

I have been trying to be patient and wait until March to start on the Bee block but I just had to give it a try! I made two blocks. The first was a pain. My impatience resulted in some quality time with the seam ripper. Oh yeah! I had intended this block to be The Block, but when I laid it all out, I noticed a knot in the fabric so it is now officially my test block.

Today I made another test block. I had an idea for the block and wanted to see if my maths worked. It did though my piecing must’ve been off because the block is 1/8ths of an inch too small!

Now that I have briefly put together a reminder on my experiences with the block, I’ve got to pick my son up. Photos to come!

H x


Rock Candy Progress

I was so excited with the progress I had made that I just couldn’t wait to get on and put it all together.

The borders went on, with the odd mistake and a little unpicking.
Then I spent ages trying to work out how to fill in the spaces.
I had a final fat quarter which I wanted to keep in as big a piece that would fit… so that went in the middle of the hexagons.
And then I filled in the rest… the result:

I made so many mistakes and even managed to slice a hole in one of the side panels. I also found I didn’t have quite enough fabric to finish the corners so I had to improvise… this has definitely been a labour of love, and love it I do, with all its Quiltenstein patches!

Now I need to put on the border of cats. It isn’t quite long enough to surround the whole piece so I need to work out some corner squares so that I can use all four rows instead of just using two on the top and bottom.

I do love this fabric! The crisps are yummy too! ;-D

Anyway, back to plotting!
H x

A Time to Sew

This is the third day of my holiday and after spending day 1 cleaning and rearranging the flat, and day 2 waiting for the boiler engineer to turn up, I have finally spent some time sewing! Most of the day, in fact…

I managed to get my paws on some gorgeous fabric in one of the Instagram de-stashes which arrived on Tuesday.


Yesterday, while I spent the day waiting, I laid it all out, looked at it this way and that, trying to figure out what to do with it. Then I ironed it all, hoping for inspiration to strike. It didn’t. Not at first, anyway. I had some other fabric with me for which I have a firm plan, so decided to get on with that… only to find I had forgotten my cutting ruler AND the pattern I had planned to use. Sigh… so I sat waiting and thinking. Thinking and waiting.

TWACK! A plan! It came out of nowhere! Quick! Grab it!!

So today I began…


I opened my shiny new cutter and wow! I do love a new blade! Anyway, the cutting commenced with the sounds of ‘New Girl’ and ‘Glee’ on the telly to keep me company.


Two hours and umpteen distractions later, I have pieces! Which I just about managed to turn into… four of these!


They need borders on them next and then I need to figure out how to fill in the spaces to make a quilt. That’s tomorrow’s task!

The pattern I used is Rock Candy by Jaybird Quilts – it is great fun to put together and super quick too, providing you’re not like me and easily distracted. It’s a table topper pattern but I’m making it a little bit bigger.

Today has been a happy day!
H x

Little Blogs Quilt Bee

Right! Time to sit down and share…

A smidge over a week ago, lovely Louise from I’m Studio Lou asked if 11 people would like to join her in a year-long Quilting Bee. All she asked was that the participants be owners of little blogs with little traffic and living here in the UK to limit the postage costs. Of course, having been watching for a UK- based Bee for the last couple of years, with my heart in my mouth, I jumped and just about managed not to shout out, “Pick me! Pick me!”

So here I am, part of my first ever Quilting Bee. Each participant is assigned a month and during that month, she will choose a block she would like the others to make for her. Details on how to make the block or links to a tutorial will be sent, along with any other preferences. At the end of that month, she will have enough blocks to make a quilt! This gives everyone the opportunity to try something new and work with ideas we might not normally contemplate, as well as something to blog about each month!

We will begin in March with Louise’s choice of block – the Wonky Star!

Do follow us as we work through our blocks and find out what they will be:












… and me!

I have put links to the blogs in the sidebar for ease.
H x


I don’t like cold, wet mornings and I miss having a clever phone. A proper update to come, but for now, I really need to get ready for work! YAWN………….

H x

Deep breath!

I’ve only gone and signed myself up for my first ever quilting bee!!


I am sooooo nervous and scared! It will consist of first-timers so this will be our first bee. My stash isn’t extensive so I wonder how I’ll make that work, my skills are limited and my block knowledge is even more so! Wish me luck!

(Still very excited about it though!)
H x