Little Blogs Quilt Bee

Right! Time to sit down and share…

A smidge over a week ago, lovely Louise from I’m Studio Lou asked if 11 people would like to join her in a year-long Quilting Bee. All she asked was that the participants be owners of little blogs with little traffic and living here in the UK to limit the postage costs. Of course, having been watching for a UK- based Bee for the last couple of years, with my heart in my mouth, I jumped and just about managed not to shout out, “Pick me! Pick me!”

So here I am, part of my first ever Quilting Bee. Each participant is assigned a month and during that month, she will choose a block she would like the others to make for her. Details on how to make the block or links to a tutorial will be sent, along with any other preferences. At the end of that month, she will have enough blocks to make a quilt! This gives everyone the opportunity to try something new and work with ideas we might not normally contemplate, as well as something to blog about each month!

We will begin in March with Louise’s choice of block – the Wonky Star!

Do follow us as we work through our blocks and find out what they will be:












… and me!

I have put links to the blogs in the sidebar for ease.
H x


5 thoughts on “Little Blogs Quilt Bee

  1. How’s it going? Just spent some time reading through your delightful posts!
    I can so understand the frustration of making a hole in something or running out of fabric! Hang in there … x al

    1. Thank you x It’s come to a bit of a stand-still over the weekend with everyone being home, and the kids are off this week. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the corners yet but I’d love to get it finished! x

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