A Time to Sew

This is the third day of my holiday and after spending day 1 cleaning and rearranging the flat, and day 2 waiting for the boiler engineer to turn up, I have finally spent some time sewing! Most of the day, in fact…

I managed to get my paws on some gorgeous fabric in one of the Instagram de-stashes which arrived on Tuesday.


Yesterday, while I spent the day waiting, I laid it all out, looked at it this way and that, trying to figure out what to do with it. Then I ironed it all, hoping for inspiration to strike. It didn’t. Not at first, anyway. I had some other fabric with me for which I have a firm plan, so decided to get on with that… only to find I had forgotten my cutting ruler AND the pattern I had planned to use. Sigh… so I sat waiting and thinking. Thinking and waiting.

TWACK! A plan! It came out of nowhere! Quick! Grab it!!

So today I began…


I opened my shiny new cutter and wow! I do love a new blade! Anyway, the cutting commenced with the sounds of ‘New Girl’ and ‘Glee’ on the telly to keep me company.


Two hours and umpteen distractions later, I have pieces! Which I just about managed to turn into… four of these!


They need borders on them next and then I need to figure out how to fill in the spaces to make a quilt. That’s tomorrow’s task!

The pattern I used is Rock Candy by Jaybird Quilts – it is great fun to put together and super quick too, providing you’re not like me and easily distracted. It’s a table topper pattern but I’m making it a little bit bigger.

Today has been a happy day!
H x


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