Rock Candy Progress

I was so excited with the progress I had made that I just couldn’t wait to get on and put it all together.

The borders went on, with the odd mistake and a little unpicking.
Then I spent ages trying to work out how to fill in the spaces.
I had a final fat quarter which I wanted to keep in as big a piece that would fit… so that went in the middle of the hexagons.
And then I filled in the rest… the result:

I made so many mistakes and even managed to slice a hole in one of the side panels. I also found I didn’t have quite enough fabric to finish the corners so I had to improvise… this has definitely been a labour of love, and love it I do, with all its Quiltenstein patches!

Now I need to put on the border of cats. It isn’t quite long enough to surround the whole piece so I need to work out some corner squares so that I can use all four rows instead of just using two on the top and bottom.

I do love this fabric! The crisps are yummy too! ;-D

Anyway, back to plotting!
H x


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