School Holidays

Ah, school holidays…! Always fun until the kids start to argue.

We managed to get to the cinema a couple of times. Lego Movie and Mr. Peabody and Sherman are both good fun. The boy loves Lego Movie and can’t stop singing, “everything is awesome!” The girl really dislikes the song, and me, I preferred Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

I tried to get some sewing done last week and, distracted by arguing children, I managed to catch my finger on my lovely new rotary cutter. Argh. I can’t even think about it without feeling all wibbly! But it’s fine, I’ve done worse on the serrated, cutting edge of a cling film box! Nevertheless, I put the lot away and didn’t get anything done.

Until yesterday.

I have been trying to be patient and wait until March to start on the Bee block but I just had to give it a try! I made two blocks. The first was a pain. My impatience resulted in some quality time with the seam ripper. Oh yeah! I had intended this block to be The Block, but when I laid it all out, I noticed a knot in the fabric so it is now officially my test block.

Today I made another test block. I had an idea for the block and wanted to see if my maths worked. It did though my piecing must’ve been off because the block is 1/8ths of an inch too small!

Now that I have briefly put together a reminder on my experiences with the block, I’ve got to pick my son up. Photos to come!

H x


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