The months are flying by and I don’t feel as though I have enough time to accomplish anything.

At least I can say that I have organised my son’s birthday party even if I do still need to organise presents, favours and cakes! I still need to ring the restaurant to book a table for my husband’s family to celebrate with us.

The kids have been off school with bugs these last two days. Hubby was off with them yesterday and tagged me to take over today so I was off. I managed to get a little sewing done which fills me with great joy and ticks a job off my ‘To Do’ list. My Wonky Star block for Lou is now made and ready to go tomorrow.

I made three blocks before this final one…

This was my first. I had hoped to send this one to Lou but found a knot in the fabric that bugged me too much to be able to send anyone.


This was my second try. The longest point only just allows enough room for a seam allowance! I do love it though…


The third star was just me experimenting and trying to be a clever clogs. I made a star in a star, again with the long point just that bit too long and only just fits. I considered sending Lou this one, but I don’t think the outer star is quite pretty enough, so this one stays with me. Maybe I’ll put it on a bag or a cushion cover.


So!! Lou’s block should hopefully arrive by the end of the week and then I’ll be able to show it to you.

Details of the April block are out, fabric has been ordered and received, and I really do have to get on with my first test block.

Until next time! H x


5 thoughts on “March?

  1. I’m looking forward to getting it! As I was scrolling down, I thought I’d get to see my block, but I suppose I’ll have to wait! Love the star in a star idea!

  2. They are all lovely! I really like that butterfly in the centre, and the tree in the centre was right up my alley too. Then you just blew me away with your star inside a star! I can not imagine what the one that eventually got your seal of approval must look like! Lou is one lucky recipient! Fantastic creativity Heidee.

    1. Aw, thank you, Nessa! I don’t have much confidence in my choices, especially when making for someone else. I was still asking my husband if he thought the final block was pretty enough as I sealed the envelope! *rolls eyes*

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