Hello 2015…

I always struggle to find a focus word to live by for the year and the harder I try, the more elusive it becomes. Last year it was a blend of ‘balance’ and ’embrace’. I needed to improve my work-family-life-play balance, and at the same time I needed to be more… open to new things. I think I managed to do these things…

I reduced my hours at work so that I could be with my children after school, I embraced opportunities to expand in areas I wanted to improve and I also dropped some things, because even though I was loving them, they were not helping the home balance.

By the end of the year, I was spending more time with my children, dashing about more for them! And had expanded a little on one hobby which has introduced me to a whole world of new friends. Tenfold, in fact!

I also found that by the end of the year, I was having to remind myself to breathe. For everything. I hold my breath at work, I hold my breath when I’m driving, I hold my breath every time I need to speak to anyone, I hold my breath as I walk through the door at home! So in trying to ‘balance’ and ’embrace’, whilst they have improved life and relationships tremendously, I have neglected to take the time to just let go and breathe.

This year, that will be my focus around the continued effort to ‘balance’ and ’embrace’. BREATHE…

How do I do this though?

Well, at work, I often say, “now just breathe nice and normally for me…” That really should have been my cue all along!

I’m going to take the children to the beach after school whenever I can. This is my calming place, even when life gets manic and I have a billion jobs to do.

In my hobby, I am going to say no to projects that don’t make me happy.

And at home… who ever holds their breath in anticipation when they get home? Home is supposed to bring relief after a day’s work. It’s supposed to be a sanctuary when the world outside is scary and painful.

Home is a small flat filled to the brim with stuff we’ve accumulated in the last five years – baby toys, books, materials from past hobbies, clothes the children have grown out of… You know what I’m talking about. STUFF. And because our place is small, it all ends up in my bedroom. So, I have started to rid my sanctuary of STUFF so that I can BREATHE again.



One thought on “Hello 2015…

  1. I love the idea of having a word for the year! I’m not sure what mine would be …

    The idea of decluttering is appealing. I’m not sure exactly where to start! Have a great year and I promise I will remind you to breathe from time to time if I think you might need to x al

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