Summer Solstice 2015

Half a year later and what have I achieved? Let’s see, shall we?

The decluttering of our home-space is on-going. I have thrown out and donated bags of things and it feels as though we haven’t made a dent on anything. We will be moving out of our flat at the end of August into an even smaller space so we are fast running out of time to down-size. I’ve got to take a deep breath and been completely and utterly ruthless. The children know they have to do the same too.

In terms of crafting, the Hexie Friends project has BLOOMED! I can’t believe how many people have joined me! The list is at 102 swappers, and eventhough I have recently stopped adding to the list, there is still interest coming in and I hope that means that new people are still embarking on this sweet project! I have LOADS to catch up on, which is why I have stopped adding to the list for now, but once I’ve caught up, I’ll be looking for new friends to make.

The first half of the year also included the UK Mini Swap which turned out to be a fantastic little swap and for me, turned up a lot of new domestic friends. I am always in awe of how warm and welcoming the online quilting community is. I have made so many wonderful “Friends I’ve Never Met” and every one of them has a heart of gold. In my case, when I say, “my friends live in my computer,” they really truly do.

Another swap I’m involved in which will go in the post on 30 June is the One Hour Basket Swap. I’ll post more on this one a little later!

Other awesome news for this half of the year is that we have all finally got our passports! Hubby and I had to renew ours and I finally applied for passports for the children! Hooray!! The world is our oyster!! Now, I just need to win that lottery…! Seriously though, these passports mean that we’ll be able to join my folks in Spain later this year. It will be the children’s first flight, their first holiday abroad and, well, their first everything! Needless to say, I am more than a little bit excited!!

I’m pretty certain that there’s a lot more but it seems to me that the months are flying by and before we know it, it’ll be Christmas and I’ll be writing up another six month update! Maybe it won’t take me so long next time… we shall see!

For the time being, I shall wrap up my babble! Until next time, look after yourselves! H xx